Katie Gardner Counsellor CBT/NLP/TA - Lauzun Departments 24/47

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“You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean, in a drop” - Rumi

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"Straightaway Katie was warm, kind and totally understanding.  I felt she “got” me immediately and her quick insight into my situation was remarkable." - J.S.

"I felt I was being genuinely listened to, compassionately, and approached with an intelligent mind. I was treated with respect, with honesty, and a straight-forwardness I admired and responded to."  - A.R

"Tried counselling before on two occasions, didn't work. So was very sceptical but Katie showed me that the difference is in getting the right counsellor for you.  All I can say is, Katie was definitely the right counsellor for me!  She changed my life, really, she did. (I can hear her saying now that I myself changed my life, she just helped me see how to). " - N.G

"My anxiety was getting in the way of everything – Katie guided me gently into seeing how to cope better, to calm down my thoughts and make better decisions affecting me and my family." - C.L.

"Completely non-judgmental.  The first time I’ve ever voiced some of my inner thoughts.  Nothing phased her and she just made me see that we all go though inner turmoil to some degree or another, it’s how we cope with it that makes the difference.  I wouldn’t have thought such a difference would have been possible in 5 short weeks." - V.F.

“Katie is such a kind, caring and compassionate lady with the best listening skills who will instantly put you at your ease. I can't think of anyone I would rather approach for help in my hour / weeks or months of need.” - G.H.

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