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“You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean, in a drop” - Rumi

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Why Choose Me?

Because I’m kind?  Perhaps.  

Because I’m empathic?  Unquestionably.  

Because I am highly intuitive?  Certainly.

Because I am professionally trained?  Definitely.  

But over and above those things, I do genuinely believe that, with a combination of the talking therapies of CBT, TA and NLP and the helping hands of a skilled counsellor it can be life-changing.  I’ve seen it happen.  Many times over the years in fact.  

Central to the approach is the belief that each person is able to decide the direction in which they can change and develop, and that the counsellor is there to guide, encourage and support that growth.  

I am a professional and fully qualified counsellor with over 30 years’ experience in CBT, TA and NLP (that’s Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Transactional Analysis and Neurolinguistic Programming), otherwise known as the "Talking Therapies". Further information on the talking therapies can be found by clicking here.

Having trained initially with ELMWEL (East Lothian Mental Welfare) in the late '80s and then COSCA (Counselling & Psychotherapy in Scotland) in the mid ‘90s I have developed and honed my counselling skills over the years by continued training, running my own practice both here and in the UK and ongoing research.  

Having experienced counselling myself many years ago (that’s what got me started, it was hugely helpful at the time, and has continued to be ever since), I know what it feels like: 'what will the counsellor be like?', 'will I like her/him?', 'what will I say?', what if I break down?'  – all sorts of questions might be buzzing around in your head.  

To put your mind at rest, because I know how daunting this can be to start off with, we can have a chat on the phone initially to give you a feel for whether you want to take it forward.

Then, should you decide to go ahead we can book your first session - please see the ‘Fees’ tab for current info. No obligation to continue after that if it isn’t for you.

To start you off, if you are at a bit of a loss, I will guide you and start you off on a path that can be explored; I will really listen, both to what is being said and what is also going on (that you might not even be aware of on a conscious level).

I will make sure to check my understanding with you and adapt and expand accordingly.  My clarity will help you towards yours.

I will not tell you what to do or offer you solutions; as a conscientious and skilled counsellor my aim is to get you to the point of these insights and decisions for yourself.  

Exploring issues together can lead to meaningful insights and helpful realisations. I work on developing a therapeutic relationship where you feel safe to explore even the most difficult and painful issues, which you may not have disclosed to anyone ever before.  Alternatively, if all you need to do is air something, that we can do too.  

Talking in a safe environment can alleviate and help you understand these painful feelings, the effect they are having on your life and a possible path towards a more positive, happier future.